Hallerbos (Autumn) 2018-07-22T18:25:21+00:00

Project Description


Hallerbos is a forest situated mostly in Halle, a municipality of the Flemish province Vlaams-Brabant in Belgium. I’ve already visited this forest multiple times and have posted pictures of it in Spring here on Terra. While Spring may have it freshly green colors with plants and flowers appearing everywhere, Autumn is marked by its golden and brown colors with dried up leaves and mushrooms scattered across the forest floor.

These photos were shot at sunrise on a cold but sunny November morning. The forest was empty that morning, aside from a few deer that roamed the around. Since the lightning conditions were difficult sometimes, most of the photos were shot on a tripod. The ground angle shots and close-ups were shot handheld using VR (Vibration Reduction) and a high ISO to have sharp results, although I have to admit that these did not turn out to be that good.